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Manufactured in the UK with a range of flexible options for all client requirements, including T Shape, Y Shaped and Curved solutions, designed to ensure no loss of parking spaces with below ground foundations and flexible heights and dimensions bespoke to each project’s needs. 

Designed and approved by Chartered Structural Engineers as permanent structures, the steel systems with flexible finish options are designed with a minimum 25-year operational lifetime, with first maintenance not required until year 20. The structures incorporate water management, cladding, lighting and electrical containment and are designed to the highest standards for generational weather events and full load bearing and structural and technical compliance.

To determine initial suitability, we will undertake a feasibility assessment of your site, identifying the likely generation capacity and presenting initial budget scenarios and design options.

The team will manage every aspect of your project, including topographical and geotechnical assessments, bespoke site system design including mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering requirements, the planning application, overseeing fabrication and construction with options for lifetime maintenance.