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Energy storage systems work by storing electricity produced by either renewable or non-renewable sources and storing it for use when it’s needed most. In some cases bills can be cut by as much as 50%.

The benefits of energy storage are magnified further when combined with a new or existing solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Without energy storage, the energy sourced from solar panels can only be used during the day when it’s generated. With Feed-in-Tariff funding now at an end (as of 31st March), the unused electricity is then sent back to the grid with any financial benefits effectively lost to the homeowner.

Our innovative energy storage systems take a share of the energy generated by either a new or existing solar PV system and store it safely for re-deployment. This means you can power your home or building for free in the evening, during the night, or flexibly at any point when you use your electricity the most. As an added benefit, the unit acts as a back-up in the event of a power cut.