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Steering group members have been selected from the Group’s Executive Management Team and have the full support of the Board of Directors.

The Group’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion steering group delivered their Strategy document in the year, identifying key issues to focus on and take forward to implement meaningful change in our businesses. These objectives are all equally important and will contribute to achieving the changes needed to advance our long-term commitments to equality, diversity and inclusion.

  • To identify opportunities and barriers related to recruitment, progression and management of a diverse body of staff, and achieve greater diversity at senior levels of the organisation
  • To tackle gender inequality, addressing particular barriers faced by women in particular roles, supporting the career progression of women across the Group
  • To ensure an environment for work that is culturally inclusive, supportive of individual needs, encourages authenticity and upholds the dignity and respect of all
  • To increase engagement in equality, diversity and inclusive best practice at all levels across the Group through participation in training, learning opportunities, joint working and shared objectives

The steering group work closely with the E,D&I working groups and measure Group-wide E,D&I progress by:

  • Providing an Annual Report to Directors summarising activities in the year and their relevance in the delivery of the E,D&I strategy
  • Developing the scope of and leading the response to employee related data including survey results
  • Identifying future actions as we monitor and evaluate our progress
  • Identifying and managing the delivery of E,D&I events throughout the year, highlighting and celebrating E,D&I opportunities and related activities

Members of the Steering Group:

  • Group People Director
  • Interim Group Head of HR
  • Head of Brand and Design