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Business: Everwarm
Services: Renewable technologies
Markets: Energy
Sustainability: Sustainability,
Date: 15/03/2021

Private client

Everwarm were contracted by a private sector client to install a Tesla battery system at a domestic property on the outskirts of Glasgow.

By purchasing additional power through the night when unit rate is at its lowest, the battery system design was required to futureproof the overall capability, ensuring the homeowner could benefit fully from the energy generated. This was of particular interest to the client given the projected end to the Feed-in-Tariff funding stream, and the value of the current tariff. 

The battery was programmed to store energy through the night between the hours of 12am and 8am. Generated energy was then used to power the home and its appliances throughout the day, significantly reducing electricity costs. Without altering their energy usage, the client has confirmed they are benefitting from considerable savings.

Installation works were successfully completed and signed off by 18th edition-qualified electricians – all accredited by Tesla to install the product.

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