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We have developed our quality service over 30 years, as specialists in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire safety systems, providing fire compliance and testing services.

This covers a comprehensive range of physical infrastructure and fire safety materials required for a building to respond to the outbreak of fire, save lives and protect buildings.

Sureserve Fire & Electrical also provides electrical compliance services which focus on lighting and power installations, ensuring regulatory compliance and power efficient buildings for managing cost and total cost of ownership of systems.

Based in West Sussex, we have operatives distributed nationwide, allowing us to offer a comprehensive service maintaining and servicing:

  • Fire alarms (BS5839)
  • Emergency lighting (BS5266)
  • Fire Sprinklers (BS9251)
  • Dry risers (BS9990)
  • Firefighting extinguishers (BS5306)
  • Smoke vents (BS9990)
  • Passive Fire Protection Services
  • Door entry systems.

Fire Safety signage requirements as per BS:5499 is also provided as part of our requisite training programme and offered free of charge as part of a comprehensive fire protection package to our customers.

Sureserve Fire & Electrical also provides fire risk assessment works, which includes:

Active Programme works (Fire alarm installations)
Passive Programme works (Fire doors, Fire stopping, Front entrance doors)

The key to Sureserve Fire & Electrical’s enduring success has been a combination of tacit knowledge from long experience, quality management and excellent customer service.