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At the forefront of the energy transition

ASHPs convert outside air into heat and hot water providing a consistent, ambient temperature to your home. This means that a home’s thermostat along with the individual Thermostatic Room Valve (TRV) will keep every room at a set temperature throughout the day. This helps ensure households are kept comfortable and warm as well as saving money on energy bills and reducing the building’s carbon footprint compared to a gas or electric heating system.

Buildings in the UK which are off the gas grid utilise a large proportion of the most polluting heating systems from oil and coal. These types of property will not benefit from any measures to green the gas grid. In ‘UK housing: Fit for the future?’, published in 2019, the Climate Change Committee reported 1.3 million homes were heated by coal or oil in Great Britain, as well as 0.2 million by LPG. Considering the necessary changes required to bring greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, heat pumps provide a route to almost completely decarbonising heat alongside the decarbonisation of electricity generation. In the Government’s ‘The Future Support for Low Carbon Heat’ consultation, conducted between April and July 2020, ASHPs were recognised as one of the primary technologies for decarbonising heat, and that the UK will need to increase deployment of heat pumps significantly in the 2020s to deliver interim carbon budgets, replace high carbon fossil fuel systems off gas grid and set the UK on course for net zero. This was confirmed in the Government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Revolution, published in November 2020 and which set an ambition of 600,000 heat pumps installations per year by 2028.

The Group’s Gas Compliance and Energy Services businesses deliver ASHP installations to clients across the UK, having installed 380 in the year, and our teams continue to invest in systems and training to further grow their capacity for work and ensure operational excellence in the delivery. The Green Homes Grant, announced by the Government in November 2020 to promote the uptake of energy efficient measures such as ASHPs has proven very popular, and our Energy Services business Everwarm has already received a very high number of enquiries for installation work.

ASHP installations in 2020


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