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Over the period of the coronavirus pandemic to date, we have proactively addressed the issues brought about to the Businesses and Teams within the Sureserve Group Plc. 

We have strived to continue our commitment to our people, customers and their clients in providing as far as possible an uninterrupted quality service together with ensuring that safety, responsibility, accountability and care continue to be the fundamental components at the very core of all we do.

Working in tandem, our HR and Health & Safety Teams have created, developed and delivered clarity through pre-requisite protocols for all our colleagues, irrespective of their working environment, and underpinned by the significant work of our ICT Teams in enabling people to work in a variety of situations.  Our mobile workforce have continued to professionally serve our client base, supported by the dedication of our back-office Teams in each Business.

Our Head Office premises across the Group have been externally verified as COVID-19 Secure by NQA and we continue to maintain robust COVID-19 specific Risk Assessments for both our office environments and our mobile workforce which adhere to all pertinent Government Guidance.

All of our premises have COVID-19 specific Risk Assessments in place that are made available to all employees and implemented in consultation with key stakeholders. These are available on request. Please contact Sarah Eddy at for more information.

Regular and routine communications, both through the assistance of a weekly webinar as well as more localised methodologies, have been deployed and as prior to the pandemic, all our people have 24/7 access to a professional Employee Assistance Programme should they need it.

Through the proactive energy, commitment and professional skills-set of the Group-wide Team, we continue to make a difference to stakeholders’ lives, be they external clients or internal colleagues; we will continue on this path and are proactively working with the changing face of the pandemic nationally to ensure a continued quality service.

Delivering client services and protecting our people

As an Energy Services and Compliance Group, a number of companies within the Sureserve Group are classified as key service providers to critical Sectors under the UK Government Guidelines in relation to the ongoing coronavirus situation.  Due to this, these Group companies are recognised as Key Workers and it is deemed essential that their service provision continues to be provided.

There are agreed protocols in place with a number of clients to address and manage emergency and maintenance regimes which are deemed to be of a critical nature.

Throughout the coronavirus situation, it has been of primary importance to ensure the health and safety of all our colleagues and stakeholders, and all working processes and procedures have been risk assessed and where required, amended, so as to ensure this.

Proactively, the Group communicates with various pertinent Government Departments in order to ensure new and emerging information is promptly provided to, and discussed with, Senior Management Group-wide, ensuring we expedite this in an agile and timely manner to the Sureserve Family and, where appropriate, our external stakeholders.