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The World Health Organisation (‘WHO’) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020 and a pandemic on 11 March 2020.

The pandemic has both affected millions of people and caused unprecedented disruption to businesses worldwide.

We continue our commitment to our people, our clients and their customers and have worked hard to maintain services where at all possible whilst ensuring safety and responsibility are at the heart of how we work. We are in regular contact with all of our clients, making sure we understand their specific challenges and requirements, and ensuring that we do everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus during the delivery of our services.

Our human resources and health and safety teams have developed and delivered clear and thorough protocols for all of our people, both home based and those colleagues out in the field, and our ICT teams have responded with the necessary technological platforms for new work systems to be available where needed. Our Board of Directors has led our response to these events and a representative is available to our people for an open Q&A at least once a week. Additionally, our senior management team is dedicated to reinforcing the Group ethos of ensuring our people are supported and have access to a professional Employee Assistance Programme if needed.

The Group continues to be committed to making a difference to people’s lives and, through the dedication of all our people at every level, we are proactively facing up to the challenge.


Delivering client services and protecting our people

As an energy services and compliance group, a number of companies within the Sureserve Group have been classed as key service providers to critical sectors under the UK Government guidelines in relation to COVID-19. As a result, these Group company employees are recognised as key workers and it is deemed essential that they continue to perform their duties.

We have agreed protocols in place with a number of our clients to deal with every emergency and maintenance regime felt to be of a critical nature.

During this evolving and unprecedented crisis, we have adapted working practices to ensure the health and safety of all employees, Company stakeholders and all we serve, which we believe is of primary importance. We have arranged for as many of our people to fulfil their roles via homeworking as possible and we are in regular contact with the various pertinent Cabinet Offices of the UK Government and any relevant updates are discussed immediately with senior management across the Group.