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Monday, October 7, saw the celebration of our Female Gas Engineers at K&T Heating.

There has long been a commitment at K&T to supporting females within engineering positions, but as part of the Sureserve Group’s Women in Business agenda, the Group and K&T have been focusing their attention on celebrating and raising awareness of females within the Gas Industry. 

As part of this, K&T recently became a member of WIC, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes gender equality in construction, with a view to changing the face of the industry, by normalising the position of women.

Today’s event saw K&T hold a round table discussion with a number of their female engineers and directors, where they discussed ways in which we can begin to change our industry and promote equal opportunities, resulting in more women engineers coming into the K&T’s business.

Ian Childs, Client Relationship Director at K&T, said of the event ‘It’s really important that we hold these types of events regularly, not only to showcase our female talent, but to demonstrate our commitment to encouraging more females to come and work for us and ensuring we have a business that represents the diversity and demographic of the customers we serve’.

If you would like to find out more about the great work that K&T are doing around supporting females within the industry, or you are interested in hearing more about career opportunities at K&T, please go to and search K&T Heating positions.

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