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The Guinness Partnership

Design and Install of Sprinkler Systems to multiple residential Properties within Guinness’s property portfolio based at St Josephs Road & Hall Road. Scope of works included:

  • Residential Sprinkler system designed and Installed in accordance with BS 9251:2014 Code of Practice, Category 1 with design density of 2.04mm/min for a minimum duration of 10 minutes.
  • The sprinkler system is fed from a new residential sprinkler pump and tank located within the loft space with the tank being supplied with water from an existing water connection within the property.
  • From the 25mm supply connection on the pump a WRAS approved non return valve and valve station are fitted and incorporates a further non-return valve, isolation valve, drain and test point and water flow switch.
  • The sprinkler system is installed in BlazeMaster CPVC pipe with solvent weld fittngs where appropriate to the working pressure and flows of the system involved and fabricated to distributed throughout the loft void to protect the rooms below.
  • Sprinkler heads conform to BS 9251, have a coverage area of not more than 24m2 and are suitable for use with the property with a temperature rating of 68ºC.
  • The finished sprinkler system is interfaced to the site fire alarm panel.
  • All works are signed off by FIRAS.

Design was performed by our In house FIRAS accredited Designers and works performed by our suitably qualified staff.


Our tried and tested procedures ensured we achieved:

  • 100% resident and client sa􀆟sfac􀆟on
  • 98.5% defect free work
  • 100% projects completed on time, or ahead of schedule

Helping Guinness remain compliant

Following a comprehensive FRAs undertaken on behalf of Guinness, we had a good understanding of the property types and challenges. A series of concerns was highlighted by the care team on how they could evacuate their venerable residences in a reasonable time frame during a fire condi􀆟on. It was discovered that a period of between 5-7 minutes would be needed to affect a safe evacuation.

The solution proposed was the installation of residential sprinklers to enhance the evacuation period to a minimum of 10 minutes, therefore providing valuable safe means of escape with the additional benefit that any fire was more likely to be extinguished by the sprinklers and that it would limit further fire spread and damage.

Disruption in the future was also likely to be greatly reduced.

Driving innovation

With our recommendations Guinness were quickly able to install automatic fire sprinklers to the first phase of their high-risk properties. This enabled them to reduce the number of the staff required on any one site because of the enhanced evacuation times and operate a more flexible staffing policy, but members of the team were and when need.

A clear example of client and contractor working together for the benefit of their vulnerable people. Client feedback from the Guinness head of office and site team on the Sheffield sites:

Laura, site manager says “Just a thanks to your workmen. They've been really understanding when we're needing to use areas, resulting in very little disruption to people’s routines that they need to maintain to remain happy and they are very polite”.

Cathryn, contract officer says “Thanks Colin and everyone for helping to make this installation quick and successful”.

Following completion of the works Guinness have recommended us to their New build project team to assist in the design and install of systems for property refurbishment and new builds.

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