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Maintenance and testing

Our inspection and servicing ensures peace of mind that systems are regularly tested for operation in accordance with system design, the latest standards and your organisation's fire strategy.

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Emergency lighting

Sureserve Fire & Electrical has developed strong relationships with many local authorities and housing associations over the years, and our systems engineers frequently work in premises occupied by vulnerable residents for whom the provision and maintenance of adequate emergency lighting is indispensable.

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Fire alarms

Sureserve Fire & Electrical offers the experience and expertise to deliver full package fire alarm and detection systems specific to a client’s requirements and to exceptional levels of quality and service delivery.

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Fire sprinklers

Sureserve Fire & Electrical provides dedicated specialist services for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of Sprinkler Systems.

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Wet and dry riser systems

Whether the requirement is for a dry or wet riser installation to a new building, or testing and maintenance to an existing riser installation, our team of skilled engineers can react in a swift and professional manner.

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Fire hydrants

Most fire hydrants are found on the footpaths in the UK, in a place where fire crews can easily attach their hoses for access to a local, strong supply of water.

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Passive fire protection services

Sureserve Fire & Electrical is an experienced provider of specialist passive fire protection solutions for all sectors and all types of building.

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Firefighting extinguishers

Our service vehicles are fully equipped with the most common repair and maintenance parts to ensure we do not leave site without completing the service and a fire fighting unit that is ready to perform.

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Door entry systems

Sureserve Fire & Electrical supply, install and maintain a wide range of door entry systems from single property systems to large networked systems with multiple functions.

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Smoke Vents

Sureserve Fire & Electrical provide servicing and repairs of automatic and manually operated smoke vents for clients as an active fire protection measure.

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