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As a responsible organisation, Sureserve Fire & Electrical play a big part in providing best practice and guidance in fire safety systems. This includes providing the most up to date information regarding the evolving world Fire Safety requirements and regulations.

Sureserve Fire & Electrical are joining the #TestItTuesday campaign to raise awareness of life safety systems. Encouraged by fire and recuse services, it promotes the importance of regular, routine testing of, not just our own smoke alarms, but the smoke alarms of family and friends as well. Whilst aimed within domestic environments, testing ought to be expanded to any life safety fire alarm system.

Its your responsibility

As a ‘responsible person’ you could be called upon to act on behalf of others who need you.

by testing fire alarm system weekly, you will be assured that in the event of a fire, notification will be given with enough time to put in to place the fire activation policy specified to the building.

Test it Tuesday is in place for all alarms, such as carbon monoxide detection and monitoring companies in place for those who are vulnerable. By testing these alarms on the same day and the same time every week those who reside in the building will be able to differentiate between a test and what could be a real-life activation. 

Called to action

Your action could save the life of a colleague, loved one, or someone less able.

Testing fire alarms does not just apply to systems but to individual battery-operated smoke detectors, these can be tested by holding down the button on the surface for 10 seconds or if you the detectors has an alarm controller, press the test button. Smoke detectors can be at varying heights so do make sure that you take the appropriate steps to ensure your safety remains paramount. 

Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of testing the lifesaving equipment and how easy and quickly these tests take. We would love to see you help spread raise awareness too by using the #TestItTuesday on your social media!

It is vital that the individual tasked with carrying out the weekly fire alarm test is fully trained on how to use the system. The person responsible for the fire alarm system testing should also be informed of the protocol to follow if there is a fault, false activation or if a repair is required.

If you require any further information in relation to training or putting in place a weekly fire test, please let us know!