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Our committment to ESG

By the very nature of the work we undertake for our clients, we have always considered the mark we leave on both the communities in which we work, and their surrounding environments. Their health in turn supports the growth of those communities, the businesses, amenities and infrastructure that support them, and allows us to continue to pursue our ambition to be a delivery partner of choice for the services we provide.

As part of our committment to ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) in 2021 we introduced four sustainability pillars across the Group, through which we understand and measure our social value impact. These pillars are our communities, our people, our customers and our environment. Within each pillar we have identified key targets for the future, against which we can consistently measure our performance and drive improvements across our operations.


Good governance is fundamental to the effective management of the business and delivery of long term value, benefiting the company, its employees, customers and suppliers.

As well as managing the business’ operational activities, our governance framework is also concerned with our impact on the wider community and environment. Our relationships with key stakeholders are undertaken responsibly, and our actions reflect our values ensuring we support and promote good practice at every level of our business.

Group policies

Date Oct 2021
Title Modern Slavery Statement
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Date Sep 2021
Title Tax Strategy
Document 100KB
Date Jan 2021
Title Code of Conduct
Document 3,586KB
Date Jun 2020
Title Privacy Policy
Document 205KB
Date Jun 2020
Title Anti-Corruption Policy
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Our communities

We place the communities in which we work at the heart of everything we do.

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Our people

Our people, their abilities and talents along with their effect on our customers’ lives is central to our ongoing success and in realising our positive vision for the future of the business.

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Our customers

Every year we serve hundreds of thousands of end customers when we are contracted to deliver work schemes for Public Sector clients across the UK.

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Our environment

When planning, undertaking and delivering our work, how best to protect the natural environment and help sustain it for the future is always a key consideration for our business.

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Sureserve Foundation

The Sureserve Foundation supports individuals, families and communities achieve fuel efficiency and in turn, lessen the financial burden of high gas and electric bills. We work with industry partners to achieve our goals.

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