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Business: Aaron Services
Services: Renewable technologies
Date: 08/08/2022

From Marine Engineer Mechanic to Area Supervisor: Simon's story

What was your role in the military and what made you decide to join Aaron Services? 

In the royal navy I was a leading marine engineer mechanic and I decided that when I left I wanted to continue in engineering, I got into gas and got a work placement after my course that lead to a full time role I was tupe’d TO Aaron services in 2012 as a gas engineer.

How were your first few days/weeks at Aaron Services? 

Aaron services were great, they gave me the time to adjust to there ways of doing the job and with the skills the military taught me I slotted straight in.

What does your job involve on a daily basis? 

My day to day role now is managing the workforce and the clients requirements over a large geographical area, every day is different and brings a different challenge.

What transferable skills did your military role help you bring to Aaron Services?

My time in armed forces gave me excellent general life skills, time keeping, appearance, attitude, respect for others, thinking on my feet, I could go on but the job can be taught the attitude to work is installed in me from the royal navy. 

What have been the best things about working for Aaron Services? 

Freedom to plan and deliver my role in whichever way I see best, to be at home a lot more than I used and being able to adapt to the challenges I have every day in the way I see fit, so they have trust in me which I in turn repay in the trust I have in my management team.

What would you say to anyone leaving a military career and thinking of joining Aaron Services? 

Do it, you are a valuable asset to any company that can see you and the skills that you will bring to the business and Aaron services know this already, the job can be taught but the transferrable skills and discipline you have already is another story

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