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Air-Source-Heat Pumps and Ground-Sourced-Heat Pumps if designed well can replace or augment existing fossil fuel heating systems to provide space heating in buildings and may contribute towards domestic hot water loads. 

CorEnergy will undertake an LZCH study, assessing the low and zero carbon heating options at a site, undertaking the heat load calculations and the technical options to upgrade the heating to more efficient and environmentally friendly options. 

Projects are managed from concept to commissioning with works undertaken on a turnkey / EPC basis with CorEnergy appointed as Principal Contractor or Principal Designer. RIBA stage 2, 3 and 4 designs are prepared with installation works undertaken flexibly to ensure minimal operational disruption. 

The engineering team will prepare all aspects of your project, including siting and acoustic modelling of the heating equipment or ASHP location, plant rooms, services and DNO notification, electrical load modelling, environmental and carbon impact assessments and financial appraisal of the projects Capex and Opex. 

Community heating projects linking buildings and ground-Sourced-Heat-Pump projects are progressed on a stage-by-stage basis to minimise initial feasibility assessment, ensuring resources are focused on the optimum projects.