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Business: Sure Maintenance
Services: Heating and hot water
Markets: Education
Client: The Clarendon Academy
Date: 08/02/2021

The Clarendon Academy, Trowbridge

Scope of works:

  • Full redesign of plant room:
  • Removal of 1 x oil boiler and water heater
  • Installation of 2 x natural gas condensing boilers (Ideal Evomax 2 80kw)
  • Installation of 1 x DHW calorifier

Design & Installation

Upon award the Contract Manager, Julian Turner, attended site to review the current plant room, equipment installed (including their efficiency) and provided a redesign proposal with new equipment and piping.

Switching the supply from oil to natural gas would provide a more energy efficient system, which would reduce future on-going costs, as well reducing emissions. 

We specified Ideal Evomax 2 80kw boilers due to their longevity and their extended warranty of 5 years – providing peace of mind for the client. It’s easy to use functionality automatically senses the number of boilers in operation and only displays the relevant functions, making for an easy to navigate product for end users.


At the start of the project all equipment was decommissioned and removed from site. Engineers were able to reuse some of the existing equipment that was removed (upon approval from the client) as some of the parts were relatively new – reducing costs for the client.

The Academy was vacant at the start of the works as the work commenced during the summer holidays. The team worked hard to restore a full and continual flow of hot water, ready for when students would be returning to the Academy in early September. 

Due to the warm weather experienced in early September there was no need for temporary plant to provide heating. However, the delivery team worked in-line with the programme to ensure that heating was fully operational as soon as possible. 

Working in a live environment

Engineers, on the first morning, segregated the area where they were working, ensuring fencing was erected and signing was displayed. 

Engineers used their own welfare facilities and did not enter any unauthorised areas of the site, unless prior permission was granted by the Academy, minimising contact with pupils/staff, etc.

Pat Coleman – Managing Director, Sure Maintenance said:

"We were delighted to have been appointed to deliver the boiler room replacement works at Clarendon Academy, via Lot 10 of the Fusion21 Heating & Renewables Framework. Our wealth of experience working within educational settings enabled us to tailor our service delivery to complement the needs of all stakeholders. 

"Our experienced Commercial Team, led by a dedicated Contract Manager, ensured the works were delivered within the agreed timeframe and that there was no disruption to the school and its pupils. 

"This is an outstanding example of collaborative working between Fusion 21, Sure Maintenance and Clarendon Academy."

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