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As a customer we hope you find the following information useful.

What to do in a Gas Emergency

If you think that you can smell Gas in your home, turn off your supply at the gas meter, ventilate area by opening windows and doors, and immediately contact the National Gas Emergency Service Provider, National Grid on 0800 111 999.

The importance of your Annual Heating Safety Check

Every year, Sure Maintenance arranges suitable appointments with our customers to gain access to their home for essential annual heating safety checks. Having your appliance/s serviced helps to ensure your safety. Legislation states that the service must be carried out once a year, so it is essential that you make every effort to keep this appointment or contact us immediately to make an alternative appointment. Should you fail to keep your appointment or fail to arrange an alternative date, the matter will be referred back to your Landlord.

Home Heating Safety

Please ensure that you allow us to gain access to your property on an annual basis, so that our trained engineers can carry out safety checks on your central heating appliances.

Please also remember that an air vent that supplies combustion air to an appliance must never be blocked up, as it this can cause serious issues including CO poisoning!


Need help?

No heating

  1. If you have a problem with your heating, ensure you check if all radiators are working, if just one radiator is not working ensure your TRV is turned to 5 and the radiator is switched on 
  2. If you can tell that all radiators are not coming on, is a fault code displaying on the boiler? 
  3. If you are able, press the reset button once, then turn your thermostat to maximum and ensure your programmer is calling for heat. Hopefully, this should rectify the problem with your heating
  4. If not, please contact us for one of our experienced engineers to come visit your property

No hot water

  1. If you have a problem with your hot water, is a fault code displaying on your boiler? 
  2. If you are able, press the reset button once. If this doesn’t work please contact us
  3. If it resets check more than one hot water outlet and leave the tap to run for around 20 seconds. If you still do not have hot water please contact us to arrange for an engineer visit
  4. If the issue relates to one outlet only this will more than likely be an issue with the tap / outlet and if so please contact your landlord for a plumber visit

Frozen condensate

  1. Is your boiler making a gurgling sound? Chances are you have a frozen condensate pipe. Check if you have a white or black plastic pipe connected at low level from your boiler outside. If you feel able to, and its safe to do so, pour warm water (do not use boiling water) directly onto the frozen pipe at low level. This may take several attempts. Hopefully, you now have successfully thawed out the frozen pipe. Press the reset button on the boiler. This should now have resolved the issue 
  2. If not or you are unsure, please contact us

Reset gas meter

  1. Have you run out of gas? Make sure all your appliances are switched off and head over to your gas meter for some simple checks. Make sure you have credit on your gas card or meter and check the LCD screen. Does the screen show OFF? If so, you can reset this by inserting your card and following the on screen instructions:
  2. Press A button once
  3. Press and hold A button for around 10 seconds
  4. This will normally reset your meter.
  5. You can hear an audible click – this normally indicates the meter is reset and your screen should also change to ON. Your boiler may also require resetting. 
  6. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, please contact us on 0151 728 5700.

Cost savings on how best to use your gas system

  1. Remove the preheat hot water setting if your boiler has this option. Information will be available on the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Make sure your programmer is only set for your desired times you want your heating to come on.
  3. Ensure you are wearing adequate clothing for the time of year.

If you normally run your heating up to 21 degrees, turning this to 20 degrees instead could potentially save between 1%-3% on your overall heating bill. If you feel uncomfortable or cold at the lower temperature, adjust accordingly. Additionally, please contact your supplier to see if a cheaper tariff is available.

Energy efficiency advice and guidance

Energy efficiency advice and guidance


Trouble shooting checklist

There could be a number of reasons why your central heating or hot water system isn't working.