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Our Department Leads make sure the business' performance is at its best, managing teams and guiding our people.

Frances Hall.jpg

Frances Hall

HR Advisor

Hele Ekuase.jpg

Hele Ekuase

Head of Contact Centre

Clare Perry.jpg

Clare Perry

Stock Team Assistant Manager

Ella Spencer.jpg

Ella Spencer

Planning Manager

Sarah Middleton.jpg

Sarah Middleton

Technical Support Manager

Catriona Paul.jpg

Catriona Paul

Development Manager

Steve King.jpg

Stephen King

Customer Service Manager

Richard Gilbey.jpg

Richard Gilbey

Quality Manager

Andy Pearce.jpg

Andy Pearce

Training and Development Manager

Sunu Ameen.jpg

Sunu Ameen

Fleet Manager

Glynn Pearce.jpg

Glynn Pearce

Finance Manager

Russel Motler.jpg

Russell Motler

Senior Contract Manager

Nick Cowley.jpg

Nick Cowley

Contract Manager

Ash Philips.jpg

Ashley Phillips

Contract Manager

James Attwood.jpg

James Atwood

Performance Manager

Paul McEnhill.jpg

Paul Mcenhill

Engineer Team Manager

Douglas Watt.jpg

Douglas Watt

Engineer Team Manager

Graham Stewart.jpg

Graham Stewart

Engineer Team Manager

Graham Davies.jpg

Graham Davies

Engineer Team Manager

Narinder Chatah.jpg

Narinder Chatha

Engineer Team Manager

Luke Geary.jpg

Luke Geary

Engineer Team Manager

Alan Wilson.jpg

Alan Wilson

Engineer Team Manager

Larry Batchelor.jpg

Larry Batchelor

Engineer Team Manager