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Business: Providor
Services: Smart metering
Markets: Energy
Date: 08/03/2021

Providor utilize ByBox solutions

Providor are proud to be one of the UK’s “go-to” smart meter installation businesses, and offer nationally both credit and pre-payment smart meter installation, traditional metering, and emergency supply coverage.

In line with the government’s challenge of energy reduction, Providor have completed well over 1,000,000 SMETs1 and SMETs2 smart meter installations. In order to keep up with demand, the following challenges needed to be addressed:


Wasted engineer time

  • High travel and wait times for over 200 engineers
  • Manual and time restricted engineer order processes

Reduced parts visibility

  • Difficulties tracking both new and used assets
  • Limited forecasting and availability of assets and consumables

Distribution challenges

  • High last mile delivery costs
  • Geographically difficult areas getting a constant service
  • Issues with reverse supply chain


Understanding that Providor’s main issue was the visibility, procurement and distribution of the Business’s consumable spare parts, ByBox combined its Suppler Direct and engineer online order portal with its Thinventory operating platform.

Listing Providor’s critical and fast-moving goods, engineers can order direct through the portal.

With its extensive list of certified suppliers, ByBox picks up directly from the supplier and sorts the orders in its Super FSL for delivery to smart locker near the engineer. Thinventory manages the entire process and gives real-time visibility of inventory and part movement.


Increased engineer productivity

  • An estimated 60,000 engineer hours per annum were saved due to less travel time
  • Engineers travelled on average 25 miles less per collection and return. Across 300 engineers this resulted in an estimated saving of nearly £2 million

Boosted inventory availability and visibility

  • End to end visibility of parts
  • Improved forecasting leading to reduced stock holding

Improved parts distribution

  • 100% saving of supplier distribution costs
  • Late evening cut off for urgent requests

The systems we have in place with ByBox allow our engineers to focus on fitting meters, whilst saving the business time and money due to the efficiency of the whole ByBox system” William Bryant Head of Business Development, Providor

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