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Legionella control

The bacteria which causes Legionnaires’ disease occurs naturally within water and therefore all buildings with a water supply can present a risk to occupants. We provide services which help control the risks of exposure to Legionella in man made water systems.

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Water hygiene

Almost every building in the UK has a water supply of some kind. We ensure that the supply is clean, fresh and suitable for use.

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Water treatment

Properly designed and managed water treatment programmes ensure a system and associated plant operates effectively and cost efficiently, but can also greatly increase the effective life span of the plant.

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Air hygiene

Most commercial properties within the UK have some form of air conditioning system or air movement ductwork installed, providing occupants with clean air. It is a legal requirement to keep these systems regularly cleaned, tested and maintained.

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Kitchen extract hygiene

Kitchen grease extract systems are designed to draw the greasy, hot, stale air away from the kitchen environment. Despite effective filtration some grease inevitably manages to infiltrate these systems, causing a build-up of deposits.

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