The labour market, particularly among service and installation engineers, makes recruitment and retention an important area for us, and we continue to develop initiatives to find the right people and to keep them with us.

We make sure that the businesses in the Group are enjoyable and motivating places to work and we work hard to engage with our employees; we listen to and learn from the opinions and insight that they provide, and help them to progress their careers in line with our business goals.

We operate a graduate recruitment programme which targets people who can grow with us. We also put career structures in place and identify successors for key roles, so people can see how they can develop within the Group and feel encouraged to do so. We are particularly proud of our track record in training gas engineers and training such as this in all areas of the Group is a key focus to ensure that we have the pipeline of talent we need to continue to grow and develop our business.

We make sure the Group is an enjoyable and motivating place to work.