Our purpose includes helping to create and sustain successful and cohesive communities where people want to live and work, and we are ideally positioned to help.

This means being involved in our communities beyond our immediate role as a provider of asset and energy support services. While some of our local authority customers require us to deliver social value through our contracts, such as by creating jobs or offering apprenticeships, we aim to do so wherever we work.

For example, we offer mentoring programmes and education partnerships, helping to increase the aspirations and skills of local young people. We offer residents access to apprenticeships, employment and skills development. Whenever we can, we support initiatives that tackle social issues like crime, vandalism and other forms of anti-social behaviour. We also aim to promote social and digital inclusion, and health and well-being.

As a part of our commitment to being a responsible business we have also launched an independent charitable foundation, the Sureserve Foundation, which exists to warm the communities in the UK served by public and private buildings. We understand that many of the individuals and families that we serve face challenges to their everyday wellbeing, unjustly and unfairly as a result of fuel poverty and energy inefficiency.

The foundation supports individuals, families and communities achieve fuel efficiency and in turn, lessen the financial burden of high gas and electric bills. It works with industry partners to achieve its goals of educational and advice services, delivering energy efficient home and community improvements and enhancing energy saving for households in the United Kingdom.

We are committed to addressing social issues, and we are in an ideal position to help.