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As well as managing the business’ operational activities, our governance framework is also concerned with our impact on the wider community and environment. Our relationships with key stakeholders are undertaken responsibly, and our actions reflect our values ensuring we support and promote good practice at every level of our business.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion steering group was set up to develop and determine mid and long-term goals for the business, ensuring that the we take steps to promote equality and diversity, operate without bias and provide personal development opportunities to all of our people across our teams.

Our Code of Conduct details our commitment to working with and treating people fairly, with respect, and with concern for their wellbeing. It describes the values, behaviours and standards we expect from all those who work for us, with us, or on behalf of us.

Group policies

Date Oct 2021
Title Modern Slavery Statement
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Date Mar 2021
Title Tax Strategy
Document 100KB
Date Jan 2021
Title Code of Conduct
Document 3,586KB
Date Jun 2020
Title Anti-Corruption Policy
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