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Business: Precision Lifts
Services: Lifts
Markets: Social housing
Date: 04/11/2016

London Borough of Redbridge

In June 2015 Precision Lifts started a contract awarded by London Borough of Redbridge to complete the full replacement of an existing 12-floor, 12-person traction lift. Information gained from the initial consultation, along with the tender documents, successfully informed our design and procurement stage, enabling us to programme the works and equipment delivery schedule. 

Initially we set out to remove the existing lift, ensuring that the lift guides and counterweight were retained. The next stage involved the installation of the new lift, taking into consideration a number of potential challenges as a result of its location in a heavy-use communal area.

This type of work naturally causes some unavoidable disruption. The lift is completely out of service for a period of time and some of the work involved in removing and replacing it can be noisy. It is therefore extremely important to consider the needs of residents and local people who are likely to be impacted. 

Resident consultation is a key part of our work and much of this is undertaken by a Resident Liaison Officer, the residents’ first point of contact if they have any queries or concerns about the work taking place. Consultation begins prior to any work being undertaken. 

Regular communication continued to take place throughout the duration of the contract to ensure that local people were properly informed about what is happening and during which periods the lift will be out of service.

There are a number of other health and safety considerations which we seek to mitigate, including the provision of safe access and exit routes and safe deliveries (outside the school run, rush hour, etc.).

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