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The performance of our business, our reputation amongst our stakeholders and industry and our strategy going forward, together with our profitability, all rest firmly with the quality and ability of our people to deliver excellent work and, in turn, our ability to find and retain them.

Sector wide, businesses are facing challenges in finding the right people for the job and in keeping them, owing to skills shortages impacting roles such as service and installation engineers. For this reason it is so important that the Group invests in programmes and initiatives found within the Sureserve Academy in order to encourage the right people to remain with us following recruitment.

Ongoing training and personal development have an essential role to play in this area. We operate a Graduate Recruitment Programme identifying colleagues who can grow with us, ensuring that we have in place a talent pipeline to continue positively growing our business.

Sureserve Academy

The Group’s Management Excellence Programme is also available to all our people across our businesses, and has been created to support our Future Leaders initiative, identifying and encouraging talent and potential in a variety of roles across the business.

Through an ongoing commitment to training, development and investment we make it clear to our people that in the long term we encourage them to grow and develop within their profession, developing their career in exactly the way they feel they want to. 

The Sureserve Academy’s aim is to prepare the Group to meet both today’s training demands and tomorrow’s operational challenges. We are committed to developing and identifying talent within our business, to generate exciting career opportunities and a consistent quality talent pipeline to meet the market’s growing demands and ensure the long term sustainability of our business.

We make sure the Group is an enjoyable and motivating place to work.