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Protecting the natural environments in which we operate is another one of our core business values and as a Group we do everything that we can to ensure we are acting in a responsible and sustainable manner.

When planning, undertaking and delivering our work, how best to protect the natural environment and help sustain it for the future is always a key consideration for Sureserve. We believe that every business should carefully manage and measure its impacts and doing so is a key part of our own Group strategy.

As part of this, we continuously monitor potential impacts, promote awareness and do everything we can to reduce risks. Our Environmental Management System, underpinned by ISO 14001 accreditation, ensures that we go further than simply meeting legal requirements. We aspire to set an example of best practice to our wider industry. We communicate this to all employees, ensuring that our commitments in this area inform and influence their everyday work. As part of this, we measure all environmental risks and opportunities across the Group, all backed up by training, awareness and support. As a result, we understand the importance of conserving wildlife, protecting plants and trees and minimising the levels of pollution that our activities release into the environment.

The key environmental areas on which we focus are energy efficiency, carbon management and waste diversion. We monitor and analyse all these aspects, setting targets to ensure continuous improvement.

Waste management

With regard to waste removal and waste management, as a a Group we strive to ensure that at least 90% of waste is diverted from landfill. We achieve this by partnering with highly regarded waste disposal companies that are committed to recycling and other acceptable forms of waste reduction.

Carbon usage

Achieving a substantial reduction in our use of energy is one of our core priorities as we strive to reduce our carbon footprint, both at a local level within each business unit and across the Group as a whole. We calculate our energy consumption monthly based significant energy uses (‘SEUs’) across the Group which are identified as: Fleet for business use, Electricity and Gas.

We hold the ISO 50001 standard for Energy Management Systems. We apply its theories and reduction schemes across the Group, not only to ensure we comply with all legal and other requirements but also to help us continually develop and improve our performance.

We monitor energy consumption at all our offices and use a fuel card system to do so for all our Company vehicles. By analysing the data we collect in this way, we use it to set stretching but realistic annual reduction targets. We report Group consumption to the Board each month and create annual energy reviews and baseline reports to identify and highlight annual performance and improvement opportunities.

Our carbon usage for this reporting year was 7,296 tonnes of CO2, which shows a decrease  of 15.8% on the 8,666 tonnes usage in 2019.  This is due to several improvements to our fleet, which accounts for roughly 80% of our energy consumption. Our Energy Management System underpins our core business values and enables us to identify the required actions needed to improve our energy consumption and efficiencies. This has included;

  • Replacing existing fleet vehicles with the most efficient Euro 6 vehicles available, which now account for 82% of the fleet
  • Utilising telematics to identify high-risk drivers through idling, speeding, harsh braking and cornering metrics. This enables us to track fuel consumption and look at driver behaviours to drive improvements 
  • Enhancing staff awareness with training modules on our internal Online Training Academy
  • Undertaking Energy Audits at each of our Head Office locations to look at the SEU’s and what changes can be made to reduce electricity and gas consumption
  • We have begun the roll-out of zero-emissions Electric Vehicles across our fleet, replacing petrol or diesel equivalents


In line with the UK Government's Net Zero target by 2050, the Group adheres to the actions outlined in the Procurement Policy Note (ref: PPN 06/21). Carbon Reduction Plans are available on request. Please contact for more information.