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The Sureserve Group is pleased to announce a partnership programme with Octopus Energy which will offer Group employees home charging installations and the option to switch to a competitive green energy smart tariff as part of the three-year contract.

The tariff will enable Sureserve’s vans and cars to charge cost-efficiently when there is more green energy on the grid, providing six hours of super plunge pricing overnight with a saving of 73% compared to current fixed domestic energy tariff options in the market. Cheaper daytime rates for drivers will also be available from value obtained by this dynamic charging.

Peter Smith, Interim Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Sureserve, said: “We continue to enjoy a fantastic partnership with Octopus when it comes to the Group’s energy needs. The delivery of this new project is a very exciting addition to the scope of our sustainable operations, with very real and direct benefits to our businesses, our people, our clients and their customers, and of course the environment. It’s crucial to find the right partner when supporting our long-term sustainable commitments, and we look forward to working closely with Octopus to implement further improvements in the future.”

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy for Business, the arm of Octopus Energy Group which is managing the partnership, said: “We are really excited that Sureserve has chosen to work with Octopus Energy as their electric fleet partner. Our team designed a tailor-made solution for Sureserve which allows them to charge their fleet with green energy when it’s at its cheapest."

This new partnership forms a part of the Group’s ongoing ESG commitment, and is significant in ensuring we continue to look after our people, our communities and our environment.

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