I wanted to make everyone aware of the great support and commitment shown throughout the Group at this most difficult of times.

My daily webcasts, which all of our people are encouraged to sign into, give the latest Government guidelines as well as the initiatives we, as a Group have adopted.

The Group have implemented a clear procedure for ensuring that all of our premises have undertaken a comprehensive Risk Assessment in line with returning to work.

By adhering to Government Guidance and the steps we, as a responsible collective Group have proactively taken, we advocate that all our colleagues stay alert by:-

  • Maintaining social distancing measures at all times – 2 metres apart where possible;
  • Ensuring they thoroughly wash/clean their hands regularly - adequate hand washing facilities and/or sanitising products are made available to all colleagues;
  • By agreement with each employee's Line Manager and HR Department, work from home where appropriate;
  • Limiting contact with other people, where at all possible;
  • Office rotas are in place to prevent too many people from being in small spaces;
  • Phased working time and/or hours;
  • One-way systems around our larger offices with different entry/exit points;
  • Wearing a face covering when employees are in an enclosed space where it is difficult to socially distance e.g., on public transport

Our Risk Assessments have been created in consultation with stakeholders across the Group and clearly establish the control measures we have put in place. Due to the nature of our organisation and its various geographical locations, each Business has undertaken this Risk Assessment in the desired format – however all assessments have been reviewed and approved by the Senior Management Teams and our SHEQ Managers. Copies of all risk assessments can be obtained by contacting Sarah Eddy, Group Governance and Compliance Manager on 07714 560320 or via email, sarah.eddy@sureservegroup.co.uk.

Think about your actions and the effect they have on others.

REMEMBER: Stay Alert, Control the Virus and Save Lives

Thank You for Your Support,

Bob Holt OBE
M: 07778798816

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