Lakehouse Construction recently completed the construction of a new building and playground at Sandringham Primary School providing specialist nursery, pre-school and arts spaces. The architect's Walters & Cohen initial analyis and feasibility work altered the original brief (that was restricted to a couple of extra class rooms and a nursery space) and extended the scope, ambition and potential for the building to positively alter how the wider school operates.

The new building replaced an old, poor quality nursery building that was set well back from the street edge, and had a cramped, awkward entrance tucked away from the street that seemed to turn its back on the school. The new building embraces its location within the existing terrace of two storey houses aligning its building frontage with the houses adjacent and replicating the form of the neighbouring pitched roofs.

Michal Cohen, Director at Walters & Cohen, said: “Working with Lakehouse at Sandringham Primary School has been a real pleasure and we are very proud of the new building. We wanted to create something which established a relationship with the existing school site and the surroundings, and I believe we have delivered that. As well as providing enhanced facilities, the new building offers space for pupils to undertake extra-curricular and after school activities. The responses from the children have been great. We hope the building continues to delight for many years to come."

Robert Cleary, Headteacher at Sandringham Primary School, said: “We are very lucky to have this beautiful new building to provide a facility for our pre-school, as well as spaces for art, drama and music. The idea was to have a community building, visible to parents as they drop off their children, and now we have just that. We are very proud of this building of architectural excellence and Thank-you to Lakehouse for bring the original architects impression to reality.

Sandringham Central at Sandringham Primary School was awarded a RIBA London regional award 2018.

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