In July Lakehouse was named Responsible Small Business of the Year by Business in the Community.

Judges applauded us for putting sustainability and responsibility at the core of how we approach relationships with our clients, our supply chain, and the local community. The prestigious awards scheme celebrates innovative examples of businesses which are making a positive difference. We’re delighted to be one of them, and we’re proud that our responsible behaviour and work tackling key social and environmental issues is helping to transform communities, not to mention our own business.

Steve Pateman, Executive Director, Head of UK Banking, Santander, who presented the award, said:

We gave the award to Lakehouse for their structured, sophisticated approach, for their innovation and because this small company is pushing industry norms. They really are an ‘enabler’ within this wider community, rather than just a giver, changing the perception and image of what is generally seen as a tough sector in which to tender and operate. It’s a great and powerful example of a small business demonstrating a very high scale and significant impact.

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