Everwarm is one of ten partners which will provide the charging points for the Energy Saving Trust’s scheme offering funding to businesses in Scotland that want to install electric charging points. The level of funding, which comes from the Scottish government’s Transport Scotland division, depends on a number of criteria and interested companies will need to offer some or all of the following:uding A1 Housing which manages Bassetlaw District Council’s housing stock, and Six Town Housing which manages Bury Council’s housing stock.

  • Currently operate electric vehicles and/or have staff members using EVs
  • Able to offer 24/7 public access to proposed charge point and in a good location for the public charger network
  • Have a car park of 100 plus bays with significant numbers of staff and visitors who would be able to access the proposed charge point

To receive the funding, businesses will also need to offer free access to the charging point including the cost of electricity for at least a year after the installation of the point(s). Thereafter they may introduce a tariff if they wish.

The programme is expected to expire in 2018.

For further information, please contact Everwarm at chargingpoints@everwarmgroup.com

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