Andrew Verney, head of sustainability and assurance at Foster says: “We’re glad to show our support for these awards, particularly the Environment and Sustainability Award. Sustainability embraces the environment, the economy, and the community. It’s not about growth at all costs, but it’s about growth which recognises those pillars. We are looking for innovation that helps all the members of a community, and there’s no doubt the innovations the businesses we see come up with are good for the environment and the bottom line. There’s absolutely no conflict there. We look for those people with the longer term view.”

The award will go to a group which clearly acknowledges a proven passion and dedication to improving the environment and ensuring sustainability is at the heart of its business.

The green economy is set to bring up to £50bn of investment to Norfolk and Suffolk in the next two decades, and Foster is well equipped to support a wide range of energy efficiency improvements in this area.

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