Last week our Brentwood office welcomed the Group’s new Employee Representative Council, with Bob Holt chairing what was an energetic and eventful meeting. Representatives from businesses across the Group introduced themselves and where in the UK they were coming from, and for many it was the first time they had met. Although only the first time the group had met with it’s new members, the discussions that took place covered important aspects of the businesses and the Group, as well as a whole host of ideas as to how to make improvements for employees across all of the businesses. Needless to say the group came away from the meeting feeling united and energized, with a great many exciting objectives to put into place, and a clear vision for a stronger, more united Group of businesses.

The ERC represents fellow employees across the Group when communication is required between employees and the board. Discussing concerns, making suggestions and offering ideas for improving the way we do business, the ERC has been integral to putting into place a great many improvements for fellow employees.

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