Markets: Social housing
Date: 25/03/2015

South Cambridgeshire District Council 2015

Foster and South Cambridgeshire District Council embarked on multiple contracts to refurbish the Hawkesley bungalows. The properties are of a non-traditional design and were constructed post war from the surplus air-frame aluminium sheeting originally built to provide a temporary housing solution. 70 years on, the houses are very popular, offering spacious living accommodation and located in a very desirable part of Cambridgeshire.

The project comprised whole house improvement works across all properties including both internal and external works.

Internal works included replacement kitchen and bathroom facilities, new heating systems and full rewires. External works included replacement windows and doors, roof repairs and replacement, insulation, installation of solar panels and external wall insulation.

The works provided the properties with structural soundness for a further 25 years and encompass significant energy reduction measures. In a climate of ever increasing energy costs and the real issue of fuel poverty the requirement for energy usage reduction was a significant driving force for the work. External wall insulation was installed, providing a weather proof coat which will help protect the building. This comes with a 25 year insurance backed warranty.

By improving thermal efficiency we have increased the SAP rating on the Energy Performance Certificate from a D to a B rating.

Foster and South Cambridgeshire District Council worked very closely together to set out a clear understanding of what was needed. This close cooperation was required to overcome the few but not insignificant and unforeseen issues that arose in a small number of contracts.

During the five months on site, our respective teams demonstrated how contractor and client can work together to transform properties into comfortable homes for the residents.

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