Business: Everwarm
Services: Energy Services > Insulation
Markets: Social housing
Date: 19/06/2015

Camden Council

Camden Council called upon Everwarm to undertake a challenging energy efficiency programme when the previous contractor was unable to deliver. The project required the improvement of 267 hard to treat properties on the Lymington Road Estate within just five weeks.

With no time to waste, we commenced the installation of hard to treat cavity wall insulation and external wall insulation within two weeks of approval, enabling us to complete the programme on time. Work was undertaken on street properties, flats and townhouses for a mix of residents including private owners, private renters and housing associations.

The scheme was delivered at zero cost to Camden Council. This was made possible by leveraging existing ECO funding. Lakehouse has existing frameworks with all the big six utility companies. Those strong relationships we have nurtured enabled us to not only secure contributing funding, but provide highly favourable rates for full funding.

Our resident satisfaction score for this scheme was 97%, delighting our client. We successfully ensured that Camden Council met its affordable warmth target and made sure that those affected by the improvement works were handled with care and consideration.

Everwarm has subsequently delivered a second phase, which comprises 31 solid wall multi-dwelling blocks across the borough, utilising ECO funding and the GDHIF (for leaseholders) alongside client contributions.

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