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The Sureserve Group has a long and proud history of recruiting and supporting Apprentices into the business. Our commitment to training, development and investment make it clear to our people that in the long term we encourage them to grow and progress within their profession, furthering their career in exactly the way they want to.

Nadeem Shahriyar is one of many Apprentices that have joined the Group and benefitted from the unique opportunities open to trainees across a wide variety of roles. Nadeem has been with the Group’s Lift Compliance specialist, Precision Lifts, for almost two years now, and currently works as a Trainee Lift Engineer.

I decided to do an Apprenticeship because I am a hands-on type of guy and I believe that is one of my strengths. I wanted to learn and work at the same time as that’s the best way to gain experience and new skills. I am self-motivated and always push myself to achieve more and never settle for less. 

What I enjoy most about the role is how every day is different. Not one day is ever the same as you are faced with different challenges to overcome. You meet different people and work with different people on the job. You pick up and learn how different engineers work and you try to implement the good things into how you work.

For someone who is thinking about an Apprenticeship, my advice would be to go for it. Engineers will always be in demand. Once you have achieved your qualification you’ll have security, you’ll be in demand and valuable to any employer in the industry.

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