Gender pay reporting legislation requires that employers with
250 or more employees publish their gender pay gap analysis results to the government and the general public. The gender pay gap is concerned with differences in the average earnings of men and women, regardless of their role or seniority.

You can read the Group's Gender Pay Gap Reports for 2018/19 by clicking on the links below.

Date Title Download
Date Title Download
April 2019 Aaron Services PDF 797 KB
April 2019 Everwarm PDF 968 KB
April 2019 Providor PDF 963 KB
April 2019 Sure Maintenance PDF 711 KB
April 2019 K&T Heating PDF 2,186 KB
Date Title Download
Date Title Download
April 2018 Aaron Services PDF 529 KB
April 2018 Everwarm PDF 633 KB
April 2018 Providor PDF 557 KB
April 2018 Sure Maintenance PDF 450 KB